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Sip'n Whiskey Bundt Cake
Our Sip'N Whiskey cake is still made according to our original 1922 recipe. This cake is a delicate blend of whole-wheat flour, raisins, pecans, fresh eggs, milk and the finest whiskey. After baking, a generous cup of whiskey is poured over the top of the cake, giving every mouthful a tangy taste of whiskey. Ready to serve by itself or warmed up with some whipped cream or ice cream on the side! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our incredible classic chocolate chip butter cookies are made with pure butter and too many chocolate chips to count!
Crunch Cake
Masterfully baked and lightly drizzled with our fondant icing, one piece of this cake will not be enough!
Royal Chocolate Rum Cake
Dinkel's Royal Chocolate Rum Cake is crafted using the finest chocolate, almonds and rum.

About Us

In the early 1900's Joseph K. Dinkel immegrated to Chicago from southern Bavaria, Germany.  He brought with him baking skills and recipes from master bakers.  In 1922 he opened Dinkel's Bakery with his wife Antonia.

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