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Sink your teeth into Dinkel's Famous Stollen and bring back memories of holiday seasons gathered around with family.

Stock up now and enjoy the sweet treat for yourself or mail it out to loved ones to let them know you're thinking about it this holiday season!

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  • Dinkel's Favorites Gift Bag

    Dinkel's Favorites Gift Bag

    Includes a 1 lb Stollen, 18 oz Poppyseed Strudel, 18 oz Cherry Cheese Strudel, Crunch Cake, 1lb box Chocolate Chip Cookies, 24oz Linzer Cookie Tin, 1lb Dinkel's Coffee and  1.5lbs Hot Chocolate Mix.   Plus, add on Dinkel's Cutting Board for...

    $149.00 - $189.00
  • Famous Cinnamon  & Powdered Sugar Stollen

    Famous Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar Stollen

    Two delicious specialities made from our one and only Original 1922 Famous Stollen! Try one pound loaves (for the smaller appetite) of our Powder Sugar Stollen and Cinnamon Stollen. And as always, our Stollen is free of trans fat.

  • Dinkel's famous powdered sugar stollen Dinkel's powdered sugar stollen Dinkel's famous powdered sugar stollen plated Nutrition Facts Dinkel's Famous Stollen. Made in Chicago, available nationwide.

    Powdered Sugar Stollen

    So good it should be illegal, our Famous Stollen recipe is made with roasted cashews, California almonds, juicy pineapple and golden raisins all dipped in rum and brandy then imbedded in yeast raised dough before baking. In the final step, each Stollen...

    $37.50 - $67.50
  • Dinkel's famous Cinnamon stollen Cinnamon stollen

    Cinnamon Stollen

    Our Cinnamon Stollen is crafted in the exact same way as our Powdered Sugar Stollen, except for the additional sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top.

    $37.50 - $67.50
6 of 6 Items