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Enjoy our traditional strudel, just like how grandma used to make it! Shop our various assortments and combinations. 

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  • Photo of Poppyseed Strudel.

    Poppyseed Strudel - 18 oz

    We make our own poppyseed filling using only imported poppyseed, which is then carefully blended into our rich dough. The result is an old world flavor that few people get to taste in today's fast-paced world.  This is the perfect size at 18 oz...

  • Photo of Praline Pecan Strudel.

    Praline Pecan Strudel - 18 oz

    The 18 oz Praline Pecan Strudel is a strudel bursting with pecans and toffee. As the strudel bakes, the pecans and toffee melt into a delicious confection that has made this strudel our most popular.

  • Photo of Cherry Cheese Strudel.

    Cherry Cheese Strudel - 18 oz

    Our 18 oz Cherry Cheese Strudel is filled with fresh local Michigan cherries and our own delicious smooth cream cheese filling, gently blended into this Dinkel's fine strudel pastry.

  • Photo of Apple Walnut Strudel.

    Apple Walnut Strudel - 18 oz

    A true delight at the breakfast table, our 18 oz Apple Walnut Strudel consists of a delicious blend of California walnuts, Washington apples and our delicious creamy filling hand-rolled into our rich dough and carefully baked to perfection.

4 of 4 Items